Monday, February 02, 2009

Snowed in!!!

Hi guys, just a note to say the drinks reception planned for tonight has been cancelled due to the heaviest snow in the UK in 20 years!!! There is more heavy snow expected this afternoon, along with blizzards, but hopefully this will all be gone by wednesday at the very latest! Thankfully it is a two week event, and I'm sure this will only be a temporary setback. The exhibition is still on, I'm hoping the Fairfield Halls will be open tomorrow. I'll keep you informed!

So today I'm going to venture out to the post office and back, if they're open, but that's about it.


Matt Ryder said...

Sorry to hear that Paul, what a Shi**er !Oh well, get the paints out and put the fire on... happy days !
Was really great to meet you on Friday Paul, your a gent.

Thanks again for the caricature mate, it is spot on, my girlfriend loved it 2 !

Hope the snow clears for you soon !

Tim Bye said...

Haha - I know what you mean about the snow Paul! I had the scariest commute home today - not good weather for driving!!! Hope the exhibition goes well!

kencoogan said...

Paul, look on the bright side. This is the perfect opportunity to add at least another five paintings to your exhibition!! ;)