Saturday, June 29, 2013

"Heads & Shoulders" Rebirth! Coming soon!

Hi All,

"Heads and Shoulders" the book will be kicking off again VERY SOON with a new approach and new rewards. The physical copy will be £25.00 (was £35.00) and there will be lots of other great rewards to be had for your pledges. I will have an initial funding goal of £10,000 to make an 80 page hardback, with stretch goals to increase the page size and offer other goodies to backers once the goal is reached.

I will update here when it's launched, in the meantime I'm working on lots of new pieces that I'm really excited about; I've even made a page on my website that will be updated every time I finish new artwork. I would love to share them on here, but have to keep them exclusive to backers of the project. You can also subscribe to my newsletter to hear when I launch.