Monday, March 29, 2010

Advanced Caricature Website

Hi guys, sorry for the lack of regular posts here, I've been busy with the new family and working on the new course. The website is now up and running and I've been working like crazy to get the lessons ready! Really enjoying putting the whole thing together.

The deadline for enrolment has been extended to 9th April, and lessons will start on 16th April. There are still places available!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

My Family!

Allow me to introduce my family, starting with it's newest member, Lucy! She has my eyes, and my hairstyle!

...and the proud parents!

Finally, an oil painting of Ruth which I pretty much finished just before her contractions started!
Lucy was born 27th February 2010, Ruth's birthday!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Advanced Caricature

Starting 16th April I will be taking on students for a 10 week online course entitled 'Advanced Caricature'. My main focus for the course will be sketching as a means to producing final artwork that is original and individual in style. Only through sketching can we find our own true voice. It will also include building an awareness of structure and form, preparation for a sketch, capturing emotion, use of values and capturing light and dark. There will also be some Photoshop painting, so access to Photoshop software will be required. Painting techniques will be discussed, but the main goal is to make sketching second nature. If the sketch is good, everything else will follow!

The course is open to all levels of ability.

Students will be given an introductory critique on a current piece of artwork, followed by weekly assignments and critique on the subsequent homework handed in. Each weekly video tutorial will be accompanied by a video critique of the last weeks assignment.

Materials required: Pencils (all grades), paper (including sketchbook), Photoshop and a decent scanner.

Deadline for enrolment is 9th April, lessons start 16th April. There are 10 places available. To enrol, please click 'Buy Now' below. Any questions can be emailed to

And finally, all students will get a free copy of my book 'The Art of Caricature' upon enrolment. I look forward to having you on board.