Friday, September 17, 2010

Marlon Brando- or 'Jor-El' - watercolour study for larger painting.

I could have taken this further in terms of some of the values, but I felt the proportions could do with tweeking, which is impossible to do with watercolour, particularly when it gets to a certain stage. I am happy enough with it as a study, I felt I learnt a lot through just using the black watercolour, something I've done very rarely. My aim is to make a large-scale painting in colour from a black and white reference. I love using just the black watercolour to sketch with, I found it very relaxing, gradually building up the values. I'm sure I'll be doing it again soon!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

400 Followers!! + my Nicholson sketch stolen!!!

So the good news is that this blog has reached 400 followers, so thank you all! The bad news is that I have had one of my sketches ripped off by a street 'artist' in New York. My thanks to Dan Springer for the photo. Dan is an artist friend of mine from NY, he took this photo on 39th Street. The guy ripping off my Nicholson, (among other artist's works that he has casually lifted from the internet and used as though he has free right to do so), cannot be called an artist. He is a thief, and a conman. He is conning the public into thinking he can draw. If he could, surely he would use his own artwork to advertise his business?? This is a shallow practice that can be seen all over the world (I have seen it here in the UK in Leicester Square, London), but this is the first time I have seen one of my sketches being used.

I just feel sorry for the people he cons into sitting for him. :(

Friday, September 10, 2010

Private Commission Work-in-progress + Student Reviews!

This is a small section from a commission I've been painting on-and-off for the last month or two. They are a lovely couple, very relaxed and friendly. It's a real pleasure working on this because of that, so as a result I'm spending much more time on it than I would normally for the amount of money they are paying for it. I'm really doing it more for the pleasure of painting. I'm using a split-complementary palette for it, paying close attention to values and likeness.

On a different-but-related note, I now have a few reviews of the Advanced Caricature course by students who have already taken it. I am planning to start a mid-term session of  lessons on the 1st of October, so anyone who wishes to sign up can contact me on

Here are the reviews:

"Paul is very generous in his instruction. Along with the 10 videos that layout his processes and techniques, Paul provides one-on-one critiques. Regarding the instructional videos, I particularly like the emphasis on thumbnails and first seeing simple shapes. Paul demystifies the art of seeing the caricature of a person while stressing the importance of likeness. The critiques that he provides from week to week are invaluable. He can see beyond the jumble of lines to bring even the most beginners of beginners along to something quite amazing. He does this in a very kind and gracious way. The videos and critiques are well articulated and professionally done.

I highly recommend this series to anyone wanting to learn caricature; it is well worth the price. I learned a lot and I have a masters in Illustration with an emphasis on caricature."
Michael Garisek

"I had initially swayed over whether to take this course or not. Mainly because I had never done an online course before, as well as having other work commitments that I worried would get in the way. Thankfully however, any doubts I had were quickly put to rest.

I found Paul to be a really great guy to learn from, swift at spotting key areas I was letting myself down in, not to mention ultra patient with explaining my faults, and how to address them.

Gradually I could see improvement in my work and I leave the course a better man than before I went in.

All in all, I found the course engaging and enlightening. A big challenge, but one that has been invaluable in highlighting my strengths and my weaknesses, and giving me a direction that I was maybe lacking previously. If you're serious about refining your technique then I would definitely recommend signing up and consider this course money very well spent!"

George Pearson

"Paul Moyse's 10 week advanced caricature course is more than a caricature class. The course strengthened me in every aspect of art: drawing, structure, design, value, color & painting. Paul helps you the whole way so it does not matter if you are already a caricaturist or a beginner (like me) you will learn a great deal. Paul is a very nice guy but most importantly he tells you the truth with great critiques. It was great to have a teacher like Paul that loves what he does and wants to help you improve. I highly recommend the course to the dedicated artist who truly want to improve. There is a side effect of the will not want to put your pencil down & find yourself drawing and painting late into to night :) this side effect stays with you after the course :)"
                                                                                                                                         Gabriel Carson