Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Jacksons- Weekly Standard

This was a quick one of the Jesse Jacksons (senior and junior) for the Weekly Standard. I had very little time to do this, got a call thursday night, sent off a sketch, which, when I woke at 4.30am I had an email saying that it wasn't appropriate, so I started with a new sketch, sent it off, and as I didn't have time to wait for approval (had a gig in the evening so I knew I had to be done in time for that), I started the rendering straight away and any corrections would have to be made later. Thankfully the corrections were few, and I got it done in time. There are things about it I'd liked to have spent more time on, some of the clothing for example, but I'm fairly happy with the end result.
I've changed my approach slightly to help speed up the rendering process. I start with a hard round brush to block in the colour, then use the airbrush at a low opacity to smooth certain areas, then add textures on top of that.
If I don't have time for another post before christmas day, have a merry christmas everyone, and don't eat or drink too much!

Have I Got News For You...

Actually, yes. I got a call the other day from the hit BBC show 'Have I Got News For You', asking me if they could use my caricature of Ian Hislop that appeared in the Radio Times (see earlier post). Don't know if it's made the final cut, but I've been told by one of the producers that it went down well in the recording. Catch the programme's christmas special to see if it made the edit, it's on BBC1, christmas eve at 9.30pm. I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with it!
(Update: They didn't show the illustration in the end, but it was great to have been asked, and thanks to anyone who was looking out for it!)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

February Acrylic Exhibition

I'm busy preparing for my first acrylic exhibition in February next year, so doing lots of painting. This is my first solo exhibition, so it'd be great to see anyone who can make it over the two weeks that it's on. I'll post a reminder closer to the time, and I'll post the new pieces here when they're done. And apologies for the shameless self-appreciation on the poster!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Radio Times at Christmas

Here's the second part. This one is for the christmas edition of the Radio Times (out today), to illustrate a Radio 4 programme by Ian Hislop investigating the origins of the 'three wise men' in the christmas nativity. Apparently there is barely a mention of them in the bible, but they are a key part of the modern nativity. Sounds like an interesting programme, I'll certainly be listening!

Here's the first part of what I've been working on over the last couple of weeks. These are illustrations for the Radio Times, a popular and long-running TV and radio listings magazine, and a bit of an institution in the UK, so I was very proud to have worked on them. Both are for the radio lead page, the first to illustrate David Jason's reading of 'A Christmas Carol' on Radio 4. For anyone not familiar with David Jason (most people in the UK will know him well), feel free to google his name for reference. The Scrooge illustration is out today in the 13-19th December issue (with Nigella Lawson on the cover), and the next will be in the christmas issue on sale this Saturday, so I will share that with you then. For now I hope you enjoy this one.