Thursday, April 29, 2010

Advanced Caricature Trailer 2

The lessons for the first round of classes are going really well, the next course will start on 2nd July!! Here's a quick snippet from lesson 2!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chris Christie for the Weekly Standard

Hi all, haven't posted any finished caricatures on here for a while, been doing a lot of work for the course at . I'll have another sneek peek video to post very soon, but for now, this is a piece I did on Friday for the Weekly Standard. Another tight deadline, but this was the tightest I've had so far, so I was pleased with what I managed to do in the time. I got sketch approval at around 3pm on Friday, with the deadline around 11pm.
I sent the sketch to the AD pasted onto the coloured ground I wanted to work from. Then after approval it was full steam ahead!
After 3 hours...

At around 5 hours, I could see the finish line. I had time to have a little dinner.

Finished at around 10.30pm.