Friday, February 27, 2009

Ron Howard

The last four posts are all part of a series of threads on the ISCA forum started by Jan Op De Beeck, prompting for a celebrity caricature for the day of their birthday. In order of appearance on this blog, they are; George Harrison (25th Feb), Fats Domino (26th Feb), Vincente Minnelli (28th Feb), and in this post, movie director Ron Howard (1st March). I really hope Mr. Howard does a better job with Angels and Demons than he did with Da Vinci Code. Please!!!

Happy Birthday to them all, and thanks Jan for starting this birthday sketching!


Niall O loughlin said...

Really love this one Paul, top top stuff!!

hanzz said...

Hahaha, top likeness, very cool style !

Pito said...

Great, excelent!

Awesom work.


Jason Seiler said...

Nice take on him, I especially like the eye-nose relationship . . . very cool!

Rich Conley said...

Paul, this is so cool. I can actually see the young "Richie Cunningham" in the eyes and smile, and yet you've captured the older Ron Howard, Great stuff. I have to ask, what did you do this one with ?

Harringtoon said...

Awesome stuff, Paul!
Amazed that you maximized the chin and minimized the humongous noggin and got the likeness hammered! I love your pencil sketches!
And I'm with you on the Da Vinci Code-blaah!