Friday, June 26, 2009

Al Pacino


Over the next few weeks, members of ISCA will soon be getting their latest copy of the organisations quarterly magazine Exaggerated Features. I was honoured to be asked to do a how-to article for the next issue. I chose to focus on a sketch of Al Pacino, as I’d been wanting to draw him for quite a while. I was really pleased with the way the sketch turned out, so I decided to paint it. To see the process of building the sketch, you’ll have to wait for the magazine to hit your doormat, and if you’re not a member of ISCA, what are you waiting for? Sign up at .

Hope you like the painting!


Charles DA COSTA said...

Fantastic likeness
I like the expression
very great work !!!

juan said...

good job!!!

Tel said...

Excellent work Paul - he looks very soulful and it may be my monitor but a tad jaundiced !!
Lovely piece.

Steve said...

Good work Paul!

Jason Seiler said...

Nice job Paul, I enjoy your use of color.

ian said...

THis looks great! Can't wait to read the article.