Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gabriel Carson!

Allow me to introduce the work of Gabriel Carson, a student coming to the end of my course at http://advancedcaricature.co.uk/. Gabriel has shown massive improvements in his drawing ability, it makes me proud to see the comparison between the work he showed on his first week, and the work he is now doing after receiving my critiques! It just shows what hard work and passion can do for the quality of your work, I'm looking forward to seeing more great work from him very soon.

New lessons start on the 2nd July, and the deadline for signing up is 25th June, so only a few days left!

I will also be adding a blog for students to post their work that will be attached to the course website. Any questions you have regarding the course and how to sign up can be emailed to me at pmoyse@hotmail.com.

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Scott C. Hamilton said...

I'm saving now for your course. I won't have it for this course starting on 7/2 but hopefully will for the next one.