Saturday, July 12, 2008

Laurel and Hardy- Rough

I have a pretty big soft spot for these guys, I'd love to do a larger piece, but for now here's a rough sketch. There's lots happening next week, I've got a couple of gigs at the weekend, but before that, on Wednesday I'll be joining Steve Hearn, Mike Carlon, and Mike Giblin, on a road trip to Eindhoven. Really looking forward to it, it'll get me out of the studio, and I'll get to meet up with lots of Dutch caricature artists over a few beers and sketchpads. Also, I'm taking a few paintings along with me, more on that later.


Kevin Levell said...

The caricature of Hardy is spot on, although that leaves me wanting more, I know it's probably from reference but might I suggest a rotation of the Laurel through 45 degrees clockwise so that we see his face (possibly slightly side glancing Hardy)?

Purely for comedic value you could consider much reducing the size of Hardy's tie also, pave the way for some button-bursting gut action!

Paul, feel free to tell me to sling my hook over my nit-picking - because that's all it is by the way.

Love the b&w treatment and 'feel' of the piece - can't wait to see that bigger version with film scratches and texture!

All the best and have a great time in Eindhoven!

Moyse said...

Thanks for the feedback Kevin, always welcome. I intend doing another sketch at least before taking it any bigger. As for Laurel, the reason I chose this reference was because of his profile, which I am happy with, but there is an issue with their positioning, which might have thrown you. They are too close together, and it's causing some conflict in the middle of the composition. There is a further element to be found here, whether it's the tie, or the composition, I'm not sure yet. There's no hurry on it, so it'll be fun waiting to see what pops out at me.

kencoogan said...

Paul, this is class! I love these guys too. I have most of their stuff on dvd and never tire of watching them.
I did initially question the positioning of Laurel but looking at it again, I think it works nicely.
Looking forward to seeing what you do with it!!!

Gon said...

Very good sketch, I love how you´ve aplied the shading

Jason Seiler said...

Fantastic sketch brother!!! Nice!

Steve said...

Wonderful, don't change a thing! I suggest you do two or three more in different body positions, reflecting their work and gag situations! See you EARLY Wednesday morning!!!!!!

Moyse said...

Thanks guys. Steve, you've been reading my mind again, the situations are endless, I could fill a whole book with them.

Yes, bright and early Wednesday morning. Road trip here we come!

Greg said...

Nice sketch! I like that you mixed both warm and cool grays into the shading. Good work!