Eindhoven Three!

Thursday I got back from a road trip to Eindhoven with my good friends Steve Hearn, Mike Carlon and Mike Giblin. A wonderful time was had by all, not least Hearn, on hearing the disco beat!! (stay tuned for more on that one;)) I had a great time meeting up with my Dutch and Belgian friends as well, and was very sad to leave. Photos of the drinking and drawing session can be seen by going to Harold Hugenholtz' website. Speaking of which, the above paintings are the ones I took with me for display in his gallery/caricature shop! He has established a great caricature business, and I was highly impressed with his shop and the products and services he offers. Hopefully Harold can send me some photos of the paintings on display, so I can share them with you here. Better still, if you are in or near Eindhoven, pop in and have a look!


Marco Bucci said…
paintings are looking great Paul. That acrylic demo was fun to watch. Well edited too.
bog_art said…
My eyes are always happy to come here to your blog and to see your amazing art.. thanks a lot for your "Exaggerating Big Al Lopez" mini tutorial and for your video.. =D
Doodle.nl said…
You were in Holland! I didn't know Harold had a shop. I'll check it out.
Great work you've got there.

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