Old and New!

Before I post some video of the book, I wanted to share with you some of the changes my work has gone through over the last 3 or 4 years, and to do this will mean posting some old 'artwork'. Hopefully you can tell the difference! ;)

Looking back at old and new does two things for me, firstly it makes me feel proud of how far I've come, and secondly it makes me look forward to what I can do next. When I finish a piece of art, it is like letting go of the past and moving forward, so in that way, art for me is a form of therapy.

I hope you get a kick out of seeing the old stuff!
OLD (pre-2007)

NEW (post-2007)

The old ones were done using Painter Classic (I wouldn't use anything else!???), and the new ones Photoshop and Acrylics. The main thing I've learnt is to widen my use of mediums, and to experiment. Enjoy!


Unknown said…
In fact you improved the quality of your art...You´re a reference for me...One day I hope reach the same development...
Scribbler said…
Holy ***t! What happened in 2007? I've only come to know your work over the last year or so, but the difference in your work is unbelievable. Long may your progress continue! Hard to see what comes next... 3D? Holographic? Robotic? Lookin' forward to the next step!
I preferred the old stuff myself!(insert smiley face here)
ARI said…
Wow, you´ve improved quite a lot, it´s a good excercise sometimes to have a look at the past and see what you did. Congratulations
Mark Heng said…
Now THAT'S inspirational! What would you say were the factors that made you achieve your current level?
em... said…
Just shows what hard work and dedication can achieve.
Anonymous said…
Unbelievable, it's a complete difference! It's incredible how you developed and created your own style.It's unbelievable what you are able to do!

ian said…
That is truly remarkable progress and gives hope to everyone who is just starting out. Thanks so much for being humble enough to show this as a point of reference to us struggling artists!
Lash LeRoux said…
So, what were you drinking in '07, and where can I find some? ;o)
bondearte said…
I see two times as good!
However the present moment, the extreme care with the details of the main figure
who is seeking to make the most of the art of drawing.
Congrats to the old and the present moment
Both are very good.
Amazing progression Paul!
Looking forward to see your newest piece!
Take care!
jmborot said…
As Dominic says, its amazing. Not only the colouring technique, but also your skills in drawing, and your sense in distorsions. I see yor work for awhile now, and it's great
Paul Moyse said…
Thanks for the encouraging words guys, much appreciated!

Mark: to answer your question, see Em's comment below ;)

Lash: if I started drinking something, I doubt you'd ever see any artwork on this blog, one glass of wine and I'm anybodies! :) I actually went to the NCN caricature convention- Orlando, Florida, October 2006! I was inspired, humbled and enlightened, all at the same time!
Vincenzo said…
Just shows what can happen when you sell your soul to the devil ;)

...and of course hard work!!!

You're always an inspiration Mate!!!
holy cow Paul! That is a shocking difference! Amazing improvement mate!!
Patrick Bryant said…
NO WAY??!! its like two completely different artists did this work. obviously this is a testament to your work ethic. grats!
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lar said…
YES! Most awesome Paul. I think I even got to see that Bill Murray/Slimer piece in your portfolio the first time we met. This is why I get so excited to see your work :) You are an awesome talent.

Later :)
Unknown said…
What a transition Paul - can you put your finger on the bit that 'clicked' !
In awe mate - now I've got this pre 2007 caricature you did of me that needs updating !!!!
Paul Moyse said…
Vin: Yes, sacrifices had to be made! ;)

Klaas: Thanks, good seeing you in Ohio, great improvements yourself!

Patrick: Thanks!

Lar: The Murray was on my website, I was probably too ashamed to put it into a portfolio. Either way, thanks for remembering, and for the kind words :)

Tel: There wasn't one bit that clicked necessarily, just constant practice and experimentation. And if a new photo lands in my Inbox, you never know what might happen. No promises ;)
fazrul arhan said…
I believe you really work hard for it..it so much different..loves your color skin tone..so real and great!
Will Appledorn said…
Amazing changes man, and just through you're own hard work. only a few years too!

If this is really inspiring, thanks for sharing!
Matt Ryder said…
Inspirational Paul. One of the greats.
Carl Knox said…
Heya Paul,

You know i'm glad you popped in and dropped a "cool" on my blog tonight.... it's been one of those days where the images just aren't coming onto the paper how I want them to.

A quick visit to your blog and I'm back in the mood again. Cheers Paul. Looking forward to seeing what you get up to in 2010.
Chris said…
Paul, I am so amazed by how much you have improved, and after seeing your diligence at the Con in Nov. made me understand WHY! Haha. Keep up the great work. I am anticipating great work from you in 2010.

(P.S. It's Chris who is having a baby around the same time as you and your partner!)
Paul Moyse said…
Thanks everyone!

Chris, good to hear from you, our arrivals are getting so CLOSE! Drop me an email and remind me of your due date.

Brandon said…
such great work Paul. Back in college I did a caricature of Bill Murray and slimer as well. It's amazing to see how much you've improved. It gives hope to us wanna be's! :)

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