Figure sketching breakthrough

I'm posting these on here and the life sketching blog, because I feel like I've made a breakthrough with my approach. These are taken from a book called 'Anatomy For Fantasy Artists', by Glenn Fabry. I'm not planning on becoming a fantasy artist, but it's got some great figure reference photos with some interesting poses, and it's great practice. I started these very loose and sketchy, which was the main breakthrough for me. It helped me get accurate anatomy, before now I've always had some kind of proportion issues, or the pose hasn't been quite accurate. Starting as loose as possible gave me a clearer view of both these areas. I feel like a weight has been lifted.


Kev Levell said…
Hey Paul, these are expressive and really successful too.
You have a nice control over your subject. I love seeing sketch work like this. Very nice.

I've looked at that book a couple of times, there are some great poses in it, particularly the bald headed guy who reminds me of Duncan Goodhew, but mainly I've been tempted to get it because Glenn Fabry is awesome, I used to love his comic art for Sláine in 2000ad... I'd pour over his intense linework for hours. His painted comic covers for DC aren't too shabby either!
Paul Moyse said…
Thanks Kevin. I think they must have paid that guy extra to shave himself from head to toe, eyebrows included!

The contributions from other artists are also great, Liam Sharp in particular.
Artalexis said…
lamentablemente no entiendo los comentarios pero los trabajos son notables....saludos te paso mi blog

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