So, another convention comes to an end (sigh!). The NCN caricaturists convention in Reno finished with the awards banquet at the John Asquaga Nugget hotel. Sadly there were no awards for me this year (at least not for my convention pieces, but more about that later). Kage Nakanishi from Tokyo picked up the honour of winning the Golden Nosey, and it was well deserved. His work was fantastic all week. The quality of his black and white sketches inspired me to do probably my favourite piece of the week (above), a caricature of Kage with a very different composition, one that forced me to include only the necessary elements of his likeness. The entire piece was also an exercise in control, again inspired by Kage. The rest were a mix of oil, digital and pencil. From top to bottom, they are: Beachpony (Joanne), Chris Rommel, Pete Tomlin, Jeff Redford, Natekap and Brooke Howell.


Emily Byrne said…
My favorites of your con work are your Kage and your Beachpony
(acrylic painting) which I watched take shape through trial and error. Both are amazing!
Paul Moyse said…
Thanks Emily. The beachpony was in oil. I think it could have been better, I spent too much time on the trial and error parts. Its a shame I didn't get better pictures of the sketches. I'll have to get people to scan the originals.
Paul Moyse said…
Hi Elgin. I know, and I'm sorry. Glenn said that he wanted to draw me in Reno, but he's doing a studio one instead. Tried looking for you on the forum, your membership lapsed? Get me some photos (can't find the one you sent), and I'll see if I can fit you in!

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