Bernie Sanders, Course and Krita

Latest digital painting.

This was made using a split-complimentary palette. I go into more detail about using limited palettes, as well as pretty much everything I've learned so far (technique, sketching, structure, narrative, expression, digital and oil painting) in my classes at which are now OPEN! There are no term dates for my classes, all you have to do is register for a course or individual classes, and we can then discuss the date of your first lesson. Feel free to email me at, or leave a comment on this blog, to enquire further.

The Bernie painting above happens to be my first digital painting using the Open Source painting software Krita! And I have to say it was a pleasurable experience. Overall, it handles most jobs very well. The brush and zoom controls are very intuitive, and there are tons of customization options for the brushes. The only down side, if I were to compare side by side with Photoshop, as a painting tool, would be that Krita is a little glitchy. But these are very small glitches that can easily be lived with until there's an update, which they do regularly. For a free, open source painting software, I highly recommend it!


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