Samsung Galaxy Note Sketching

Yesterday whilst shopping with the family I took a few minutes out to try sketching on their Galaxy Note 8.0 (they had the larger 10.1 on display but it didn't have Sketchbook Pro). Straight away I was impressed by the feeling of control I had, it was closer to drawing with pencil and paper than I've found so far. It was just a shame I couldn't try it on the 10.1 because I felt a little limited by the dimensions of the narrower 8.0. When sketching digitally, pressure sensitivity is crucial for getting the feeling of sketching with a pencil. I'm not sure if this was being done by the pen itself or the tablet screen, I'm no expert on how they work, but it certainly did the job. Anyway, I did a quick sketch of Chris Pine aka Captain Kirk but then it was time to finish the shopping and the kids were screaming for food so I had to cut it short. :) 

Will definitely be wanting another play with this!


MrLich said…
I love my 10.1. I've been using it exclusively for months. Screen is still a little sensitive - even with the palm rejection turned on - but still a good feel and far more efficient than traditional media.

So much so, in fact, that I've been thinking about getting an 8 to use for reference and / or a lighter weight option!

If it's of any interest, I've been posting my stuff at my blog:

I definitelyerecommend them.

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