Father's 80th and learning to frame

This is a piece I did for my father's 80th birthday earlier this week (Happy Birthday Dad!).

It's also the third piece of mine I have framed myself, using mouldings and cutting the joints with a mitre saw. When you are equipped with the basic tools (a mitre 'saw' rather than the morso 'chopper' that the professionals use), then it is a true battle just to get the mitred joints right, particularly when the moulding is curved. With this piece I'm really pleased with the result.

The reason I've chosen to frame my own work is largely due to my father. He has a great passion for carpentry and is highly practical, I think the older I get the more I find I've inherited from him. Sawing wood is so much fun, almost as much fun as the painting itself.


David Dunne Art said…
Great stuff paul very nice piece. I always considered trying to frame stuff myself but I haven't taken the plunge your Dad sounds same as mine so he could show me the ropes.
Russ Cook said…
That's a great painting, Paul - real top drawer stuff.


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