George W. Bush

Today George W. Bush releases his memoirs. In my sketch I think he's saying 'I'm going to sell 'this' many more books than Tony Blair'! I bet the proof-reader had his/her work cut out!


En sus memorias este personaje dice que fué un error lo de la guerra y que no habia armas de destrucción. Y que cuando la historia le juzgue el ya no estará. Hay que tener la cara de cemento para escribir ahora esto. Saludos y felicitaciones por el blog. Victoria.
Stupid Awesome! Nailed the hell out of that man!
Anthony Pascoe said…
HaHa..You've really captured him...Awesome Paul!
Jelter said…
Great work!
joari71 said…
Great work.

I liked very much this president. As Spanish, I loved when our former president J.Maria Aznar put his feet over the table toghether G.W.Bush and siad:"And I run much more than you" in reference to the jogging resistance of each one. They made a great team and as Victoria Eugenia said: the history will judge them: I judge them far time ago and I only can say they are 1000 times better than their substitutes: Mr. zapatero (know as zETApé in Spain because of his colaboration with the terrorist group ETA) and his lethal driving of my country to the black hole (22% of unemployment) and Obama, who has tasted the pain of his crazyness stoling the liberty of each citizen in the USA crushing them with more and more taxes. Obama thinks that our health care system must be copied...He deosn't know that we are ruined due to this (among other factors) and people like Mr. zETApé should never take the power (he won the elections in 2004 thanks to a terrorist attack which meaned the worst terrorist masacre in europe=122 dead citizens in Madrid. History won't judge Mr. zETApé: he controls all the editoarial companies in Spain with subsidies and these companies will never judge him as what he is: a nerd who collabores with teh terrorist groups of Spain, Venezuela/Colombia (FARC) and who is capable to penalty with 300€ for writing on an advice in the street in Spanish...Can you believe that?. This is the truth.

Thanks for your caricature.

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J.BOSCO said…
nice very good!!

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