Shatner Caricature- Unsigned!!!

Got back from the London Film and Comic Convention yesterday, and I would firstly like to thank everyone who sat for me and allowed me to exaggerate their features, I just wish I'd taken some photos of your drawings, they were fun to do. If any of you are reading this, I would love a copy, please email me at Thanks!

There was however one person who wasn't as happy with his caricature, Mr Shatner (above). When I showed it to him (after paying to queue up for a signature), he refused to sign it, saying he didn't like the way it made him look. To his credit, he was very honest and gracious, he shook my hand and said it was a pleasure meeting me. I was then given my money back and shown the exit!

During the two days it was being painted at our table, it was getting plenty of positive feedback, and I think it is a good likeness and an honest depiction of Mr Shatner. I could have chosen a more flattering angle to draw, but for me, caricature isn't about flattery. I wasn't necessarily surprised that he didn't like it, his agent had already told me that he wouldn't, but I had to find out for myself.

So in terms of the business of caricature, I think it was a great weekend. I sold prints, did live drawings (none of them flattering, all well received!!), sold books, and made some new friends as well. Job done!!

Neil Davies also had a great weekend, selling lots of prints and getting a lot of interest in his paintings. I shall look forward to doing this again with him very soon!

P.S. To the couple who expressed interest in buying the Shatner painting when it's finished, please feel free to email me privately at


Toby Kinread said…
Hey Paul, I'm surprised that he didn't like it, I think it's really good!
Paul Moyse said…
Thanks Toby!
Anonymous said…
Nice story Paul! I really, and I'm really honest, don't know why he didn't signed the caricature. I think, he thinks that he's too good to sign your caricature. And maybe it's not flattering, but it's definitly him!! And I think the angle caused the not so flattering caricature, but it's him so why does he have to make a problem out of that. So I think it's really really weird he didn't sign it, and I don't think you have to be dissapointed of that.. knowing what kind of guy he is.
Paul Moyse said…
Thanks for the supportive words Bowie, really appreciate them! I guess he just feels like he has an image to maintain, and it's more the slimmer image of the past that he is still living off. Ce la vie!
Hey Paul, if you want my honest opinion, just drop me an email, if not don't worry man.
Tony Mac said…
Man this really makes me laugh! - I am a big shatner fan love him in Boston Legal, but the guy is a walking caricature. You have nailed him but he still sees himself as captain Kirk lol - shame I couldn't get down there really wanted to maybe next year!
Sadami said…
Dear Paul,

I'm sincerely sorry for you...thank you for sharing your pain with us. Every portraitist and caricaturist has the same pain in a similar experience. Stay strong. I'm very happy to know you did the right thing for the client had a great success for the event. Congratulations!! Keep up your wonderful work, Paul!!

Kind regards,
Scott said…
It's a great caricature, instantly recognisable. I always think that if i start flattering a subject then i am going down the wrong path in caricature. I think that his ego is a big part of him and the truth really does sting if you have a big ego. The fact he didn't like it is a big compliment :-)
igoohit said…
T O T A L L Y A G R E E!!!! with everyone here, sucks but some peoples' egos are just bigger than who they really are. u still rock Paul!!! more power:-D
Paul Moyse said…
Thanks for the encouragement guys! Some celebs want to be recognised as the ordinary people they are, others want to be idolised. I know which ones I prefer! ;)
Scott said…
Maybe he should be called... Shitner??
Sua arte é muito boa, gostei muito!
Sou do Brazil, e sou ilustrador no meu País!

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