Happy New Year!!!!!!

I'm not one for making new year resolutions, so here's a sketch from a few weeks ago. It's a random doodle from the sketchbook as I'm not ready to post any new work yet. Anyway, must crack on, the new year starts now, and there's tons of work to do!!!! Here's to a happy and prosperous new year for all!


Pito said…
Happy new year Paul.

Good work.
Manoj Sinha said…
Hi Paul,
Thanks for your suggestion. I don't know why my idea [Bush] dosen,t work. There was not any story behind this, but I feel that perticular part of Bush is look like shoe, It is not stuck there. Any way I will pay more attantion on structure now. Thanks again and have a nice new year.
McLean Kendree said…
Great stuff man! I think that no matter what kind of illustration you're doing, a strong sense of caricature is really valuble!
Chris said…
Hey Paul, I checked out some of your earlier work on your blog. You have come a long way! I look forward to seeing where you work goes this year.
Vincenzo said…
Happy, Healthy and Prolific year!!!

All the best Mate,
Great Blog Paul...you have really good stuff heare!

Francisco Martins
Unknown said…
Happy new year to you, too, Paul!
I admire your work and I wish you a lot of inspiration.
Happy new year Paul
Look forward to seeing all your new work for the exhibition.
Bob Fingerman said…
That is a great drawing. You really pegged him.

Oh god... my introductory comment and I go straight for the pun.


Your work is great, though.
ramanjit said…
hi this is funny!!!!!
Will Appledorn said…
ha, that's great. you really caught the expression. i did one recently of Prgg as well http://wjapple17.blogspot.com/2008/10/youve-got-red-on-you.html.

anyways, happy new year(a little late)
jmborot said…
Hi Paul.
I wish you an happy new year too. And I hope you'll still show us so magnifiscent artwork.

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