It's Me!!!!!

Okay, I've updated my website, but at the same time, I haven't! As of Sunday night, my server has a fault that doesn't allow me to upload to it, so for now, here's a quick self caricature I did for the front page, using a mirror rather than a photo. Hopefully the fault will be fixed soon, they've said they're working on it!


Unknown said…
That's great Paul - must do a new one myself !
Always a pleasure do visit your Blog Paul.
Quality !
Paul Moyse said…
Thanks Tel! Likewise.
Jeezz your one ugly b*****d, good thing your so talented.
Paul Moyse said…
Er, thanks? ;-)
Unknown said…
This is GreaT!
LOVE that pointy bump on top'o'da'noggin to ya!
Paul Moyse said…
Thanks Pat! You make me laugh too!! Rock on!
Angie Jordan said…
OMG Paul! You actually looked in a mirror for this masterpiece!
My hats off to you!!!!

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