Joe and Tomokazu

If you haven't checked out Joe Bluhm and Tomokazu Tabata's work, you really must.


great sketches mr.Moyse

your work is wonderful

my name is pepo

this my blog link

i wish to know your Comment about it ...

thanks alot to you
Vincenzo said…
Great stretches on both pieces...almost have an etching quality to them.

...and thanks for the update on David's blog...someone else must've mentioned the comment thing to him!

All the best Mate
Nate said…
pretty sweeeeet
Beast said…
I always love lookign at your work. Very inspiring.
Steve Hearn said…
Two very very good and strong drawings...... damn you Moyse...!!! Just kidding mate, wonderful work and I expect even more from you in the next 12 months.
Paul Moyse said…
Thanks guys. Steve, really looking forward to our Dutch trip next week. I will get to see views other than my back garden;-)

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