Hoskins with Biro

Sketched this whilst taking breaks from the acrylic I'm close to finishing. Haven't sketched with biro for ages, and I think I'm going to do more. Hoskins has made some great films, but by far the best is The Long Good Friday. For me it's one of the best British films ever made, with one of the best soundtracks. Check it out!


Nice Eddie! Great attitude!
Seems like he's mumbling.."lousy toons"...
Sorry Paul-he's always Roger Rabbit to me!
Lash LeRoux said…
Phenomenal, Paul! This is a great Hoskins. Haven't heard of the film, though. Gonna have to check that out.
Paul Moyse said…
Thanks guys. Seriously, watch the film, 70's British gangster film. Helen Mirren's in it as well!

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