Here are a few samples from my sketchbook. The random faces are not based on anyone in particular (although some may have borrowed certain traits and features here and there from the back of my mind), it's just my way of loosening my imagination and discovering new ways of creating form and structure by way of exaggeration. I'll post more of these soon.


Dan Johnson said…
I've said elsewhere that these are great sketches mate, but I've gotta tell you, I don't like these photobucket slideshows. I like to be able to look at the image for as long as I want and have it keep still while I'm looking. Also the zooming in effect means the stuff round the edges is only visible for a really short time. Sorry to moan, that's just what struck me. Keep sketching like that though, I love it!
Paul Moyse said…
I hear what you're saying Dan! Photobucket have plenty of great slideshow options, but it was a choice between having them still for as long as you want, but much smaller, or the fade and zoom option so you can see them bigger but for less time. I'll try one of the other options next time (coming soon!). Thanks matey! BTW, didn't know you were in a band. Awesome!

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