Sketching Stephen King

I recently read 11.22.63, knowing a TV adaptation was in the works, but when I finished the book I almost didn't want to see an adaptation. The movies are never usually as good as the book, the imagery we create in our heads is far more powerful and resonating.

Having said that, here is some imagery, sketched by me, of Mr King.

11.22.63 has it's premiere on the 15th Feb 2016. 


Kunta Kinte said…
Hi Paul, I looked through your caricatures and they were amazing. This may seem like a silly question, but do you do caricatures of individuals like me for sale? What would be the cost? Thanks so much and take care.
Paul Moyse said…
Hi Kunta,

Thank you! Yes, I am available for commissions, please contact me at where I'll be happy to discuss it further. Best regards, Paul.

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