First Plein Air- Blustery Morning!

So for my first ever plein air painting I chose a typically windy location on the coastline. Broadstairs, about a mile and a half down the road from where I live, is a beautiful location and I will most definitely be back to paint there again.

I thoroughly enjoyed the 1 and a half hours I spent on this. The main thing I enjoyed was the challenge of keeping everything still in the wind, including my brush. There were moments when nature was literally painting for me!

To those who stopped to watch or said good morning as I painted, thank you for making the experience even better!


joari71 said…
Hahaha...where exactly was painted this?. In which part of europe?. Inside G.Britain?. Nice landscape.

You can visit my blog, if you like...
Unknown said…
Hi Paul,

Great to see you're starting out painting 'en plein air'.
I must say you did a great job, especially considering this is your firt attempt. I wonder if you'll get 'hooked' like I did, when I started painting outdoors.
It looks like you're having fun! Good luck!
Paul Moyse said…
Hi Wouter,

Thanks for the comment. Yes, I had fun with these. I'm quite busy in the studio at the moment, but I'd like to get out there again sometime. Can't see when though, I've got a potentially big project in the pipeline that would tie me to the studio for quite a while. I will explain more soon!

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