Derren Brown - National Portrait Gallery

'Rasputin Always Wins'
Oil on Board
600 x 900mm
Hi all!

It's been a while since I posted any finished paintings on here, but finally here is the Derren Brown painting that took me several months to complete.

It has been selected for exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, London, as part of the BP Portrait Awards 2012! It will be on display with 55 other international portrait artists from 21st June-23rd September and will then go on tour around the country. I am a very proud artist right now!!

Derren and me after the sitting.

My subject, Derren Brown, is one of the most talented psychological illusionists in the UK, best known for his mind-reading and t.v stunts. His shows on Channel 4 during the early 2000's made him a household name. Three million viewers tuned in to watch him play Russian Roulette live on air in 2003!

He is also a talented painter. During our three hour sitting he gave me a tour of his home, or should I say his museum, dedicated to caricature, portraiture and, last but not least, taxidermy. Thankfully the bird in the painting, Rasputin, is very much alive. Sadly the others didn't make it.

His paintings were amazing to see in person, especially the Dame Judy Dench and the large format portraits of his parents. Wow!

Working on this has been an incredible experience. I am honoured to have met Derren and to be exhibiting at such an historic gallery. I look forward to seeing all the other paintings selected for the exhibition in June. Congrats to all!


Dan Johnson said…
Wow, congratulations Paul, that's quite an achievement and the painting looks great! I'll definitely check it out next time I'm in London. Good work fella!
Steve Hearn said…
Fantastic stuff Paul! Did you sing up Derren to ISCA? LoL! SPeak soon!
duanetheartist said…
Congratulations! Great portrait!
nelson santos said…
Stunning job Paul did Derren made you an offer on the painting?
Stunning work! Your so lucky to have him sit for you, and he's lucky to have such a great portrait painted of him.
Anonymous said…
This is absolutely stunning. One of the best portraits of Derren I've ever seen. Will you be selling prints/the original at all? I'd be eager to purchase!
Eddie said…
Nice one Paul, I will look forward to seeing it at the NPG!
adebanji said…
Paul Moyse said…
Thanks guys!!

Anonymous: apart from the NPG publishing it in a book of the exhibition, I don't have plans to do any prints. Please send me an email to regarding the original.
Shockingly marvelous !!!
Karl S said…
Superb Paul, well done, and well earned , it's great.

Unknown said…
Absolutely brilliant Paul - my eyes get drawn to the leather lounge - how good is that ?
Adrian Lubbers said…
Congratulations Paul. You totally deserve it.
Dave Lebow said…
Congratulations! I was in London in the 18 -27 of August and I saw this painting at the National Portrait Gallery! Great job, it looks really good hanging with the other winners and is really well done! It was cool to see a painting by someone I know through his blog on the web! Keep up the great work.

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