Opening Night!

Opening night of the Muhammed Ali exhibition went very well, lots of lovely people, including Ian Puleson-Davies, aka Owen from Coronation Street. The exhibition is looking great and a fun evening was had by all. Well done to the guys at Generation Pop! My works will be on display along with the rest of the exhibition for 2 weeks.

Also, there is only one day left to sign up for my courses at and get a 25% discount on any course throughout 2012. If you're thinking of doing it, do it now!

EDIT: Here is a brief testimonial from recent student Kurt Elliot. Kurt started with the beginners course and is moving up to intermediate:

"I have really enjoyed the past 9 weeks. I find the more I sketch and practice the more I understand what you have to say in your lessons and critiques. I replay the videos while I sketch and without really paying attention i find i get more and more out of the videos. Not sure what the highlight of the 9 weeks was for me as i enjoyed the whole thing, seeing you sketch and looking at your paintings gives me so much energy to practice and improve."


Unknown said…
Looks great! Congratulations!
Anonymous said…
Just like to say, I discovered your blog recently because I was interested in doing caricatures but seeing your work i've totally given up hope as I'll never be this good! They're perfect, instantly recognisable! I especially love the sketches and your portrait of Johnny Cash is beautiful!! :)
Paul Moyse said…
@Anonymous: Never say never, it has taken me quite a while to reach this standard but there is still a way to go. Practice, hard work, determination and self-belief will get you anything you want. :)

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