Happy New Painting Year Everyone!!!

I'd like to say thank you to everyone who has read this blog in 2009, and hope to see you back here in 2010! I'd like to make my last post of 2009 a sketch of a young John Lee Hooker, and also to say that although digital painting is great, nothing can replace original artwork and the feeling of making original work, whether in oils, acrylics, pencil, or any other medium! So I say let's make 2010 the year of traditional painting!!! I know I will be as much as possible :)


Lil Artroom said…
You are a fantastic artist Mr. Moyse. I love this drawing of John Lee Hooker. I'm just getting into the digital painting. I've been a traditional artist for quite some time, but your right about there is nothing like a traditional piece of artist.
ARI said…
You´re right, nothing like the traditional art. Have a nice New Year.
Awesome one!
Happy New Year!
Vincenzo said…
Wishing you an outstanding 2010 Mate...and I like that resolution, I think I'll add that to my list as well!!!
theb said…
Nice ! Happy new year Mr. Moyse.
very crazy

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