The Louvre…oh, and the rest of Paris too!

Yesterday, Ruth and I got back from a fantastic day trip to Paris, the highlight of which has to be visiting the Louvre. It’s an incredible spectacle of art and art history, and it’s impossible to take in the whole thing in one small visit. Did a little sketching while I was there of a few of the sculptures, and I could have spent the whole day just doing that.  So many amazing sculptures, but equally as many amazing paintings. And the ceilings…wow!!!

Anyway, here are a few of the photos and sketches from the day, including a little sketch of a guy on the ferry who had a funny face! :)DSCF3139DSCF2233-smlDSCF2246-sml  DSCF3232 DSCF2281-sml  DSCF22901-sml guy-on-ferry sculpture-01-sml sculpture-02-sml sculpture-03-sml


Anonymous said…
I'm glad that you like the town where I live..:)
Matt Ryder said…
I had a great time in Paris when I went last year. The Louvre was amazing ! Your right though.... it's not a one day job !
Great sketches by the way !
Abz said…
You've got an incredible way of capturing what you see/ imagine. I love! :) Keep it up, and visit me sometime. :D


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