Framing some acrylics!

Spent today and Sunday at my Uncle Doug's and Auntie Diana's house, framing some paintings. We're starting with the biggest two acrylics, Samuel L. Jackson (pictured above with my Uncle Doug, checking one of the joins) and Liam Neeson. These are made from scratch, routing and sanding the plain wood, and it's great fun! My Uncle is in his element (this was the first time he'd used his routing table). I've learnt loads about DIY framing from him, and I'm seriously tempted to buy some tools to do the same thing at home. I was fed very well on both days by my Auntie, for which I am also very grateful.

This is all geared towards a possible exhibition next year, although nothing has been booked yet. I'll be sure to keep you posted on that.


Matt Ryder said…
Hey Paul, make sure you let us all know when your exibition will be. I am moving back to England next year, so will hopefully be in the right country for it !


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